10 Tips on How to Have the Best Valentine’s Day Sex This Year

           1. Have a Massage Sesh

It doesn’t matter how cheesy or cliché it seems, having an erotic massage session is like Setting the Mood 101. Sure, you could book a bougie couples massage somewhere, but you can also get that relaxed, blissed-out feeling at home, which is great because then you can quickly transition from deep tissue to deep penetration.

          2. Use a Sex Toy Together

While sex toys are obviously great for some solo time, they’re just as good for couples activities as well. Since only about 18 percent of cis women reach orgasm during penetrative sex alone, using a toy that adds some extra clitoral stimulation is essential.

3.  Watch Some ~Sexy~ TV

If you’re more of a low-key couple who prefers nights on the couch over nights at the club (respect), why not lean into your usual hobbies by making them sexier? There are lots of sexy shows and movies out there that get the vibes flowing. Watch something erotic like Bridgerton or even American Horror Story, and if the mood strikes, consider recreating your favorite scene. If not, simply going at it on the couch while Regé-Jean Page licks a spoon in the background isn’t the worst way to spend V-Day.

4. Try Some Light BDSM

You don’t have to go all Fifty Shades here, but if both you and your partner are interested in exploring dominance or submission, there’s no better time than on V-Day. After chatting (and getting consent, ofc), grab a pair of handcuffs or a blindfold and playaround with some BDSM power dynamics. Just make sure to use a safe word and take things slow, communicating and checking in as you go.

5. Play a Sexy Game

This is a great one if your partner is competitive. There are loads of sexy games on the market. Find a card game where each card either asks you a question or gives you a dare and you have to answer. You can try threesome dating.


6. Watch Ethical Porn Together

If you’ve never paid for porn before, now’s the time. Find an ethical porn site with content geared toward the female gaze—aka porn where the woman actually looks like she’s having a good time and it’s believable. Watch it with your partner, ~touch each other~, and see what happens.

7. Or *Read* Porn Together

There are other ways to enjoy porn if watching it isn’t your thing. Grab a BDSM book or read an erotic story aloud, concentrating on the juicy bits. If you’re not one for reading around, explore audio porn instead. There’s tons of content out there to choose from depending on your preferences, so spend some time exploring before sharing what you each like. You know, like show-and-tell, but make it sexy.

8.  Have Sex Somewhere You’ve Never Done It Before

Get out of bed. Seriously! If you have an empty house/apartment/dorm room, take your shenanigans to the bathroom, the sofa, the kitchen table, the washing machine (turn it on, trust me). Maybe even open the blinds, if you’re into a little bit of voyeurism.

9. Get High on Love

If you want to make your V-Day extra special, try a CBD-infused lube that will give you the best high.

10.  Play With Temperature

This is your sign to bring some heat (or chill) to the bedroom. Temperature play is what happens when you use hot and cold sensations to add a lil spice to the bedroom. (Think ice cubes, hot water, candles, etc.) You can also buy a warming vibrator.