Where You Should Have Sex This Summer, Based On Your Zodiac Sign.

Summer is a time for adventure. These next couple of months are all about making spontaneous decisions and taking chances. Whether you have a significant other or you’re single and looking for adult dating, chances are, you plan on getting it on under the hot summer sun. Check out below where you should have sex according to your horoscope sign.

Aries: In A Tent At A Music Festival

Taurus: At A Party In Your Hometown

Gemini: In The Back Seat Of Your Car

Cancer: In Your Ex’s Bed

Leo: In A Secluded Hammock

Virgo: In A Hot Tub

Libra: In The Pool

Scorpio: In A Hotel Or Hostel


Sagittarius: In Your New Home



Capricorn: In A Stranger’s Bed


Aquarius: At Your Summer Job



Pisces: In A Cabana On The Beach




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