Incredibly Hot Valentine’s Day Ideas That Will Make Sure He Never Forgets You

1. Give him a vision he will never forget.

Greet him wearing nothing but your sexiest lingerie, your most tantalizing perfume, and a pretty pink ribbon tied around your waist.

Don’t concentrate on any insecurities you may have about your body. No one is model perfect, but you are perfectly you and that’s why he loves you. His sole focus will be unraveling that ribbon as quickly as he can and giving you the most seductive kisses ever.

2. Leave pretty lingerie on his car seat.

Attach a note that says, “Bring this to me tonight and I will put it on just for you.” He’s going to be thinking about you all day and he’ll slip out of work early (if he even gets there, that is).

3. Turn your bedroom into his fantasy room.



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