Erotic Story

University was pretty stressful considering my studies and the part time job I needed to help with my terrible financial situation, so finding time for any kind of a love life was almost impossible. Which is why my choice of two male roomies was vital to my mental health. The only thing that eased my stress was good hard sex and so living with two very horny guys who I knew both had a crush on me made my life so much more bearable. Any time I asked for a ‘night in’ with my roomies they knew what I was looking for and even though they were both dating other girls they had no problems fucking me senseless. I would become their filthy little fucktoy for the night and they would use all my holes with their always hard cocks. My favourite way to be used was kneeling on the corner of the bed with a cock in my mouth and a cock deep in my pussy. The feeling of being used between them with two cocks pumping into me from both ends was fucking incredible. They would use me as their horny little cum dump until I could hardly stand. The following morning we were all just roomies again until the next time my body craved a ‘night in’ 💋

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