What’s the naughtiest thing you did with someone you met online on BRITISH MAUTRE SEX?

Louise and I had been married for a few years now and had a young family and I guess things just kind of slowed up in the bedroom department. Our lives were busy and sex was not a priority, well for her anyway and after such an adventurous sexual relationship in years gone by I must admit this depressed me somewhat. There was no way I would ever cheat on Louise, that was just not my style but due to my adventurous side the thought of another guy fucking my wife really turned me on so I now had a new mission in life, I was going to get my wife to fuck another man. I devised a long term plan knowing full well if I just blurted out “Hey honey do you want to fuck a stranger” she would have punched me in the face. All up it took about six months and involved me getting her to talk about her previous boyfriends and their sexual relationships, asking her what it felt like being fucked by cock’s other than my own. I joked around saying I would love to see her being fucked by another man, her response “You couldn’t handle it, you would get all jealous watching someone else’s cock fucking me”. It was at that point that I thought this could actually happen, she didn’t say no she just said I couldn’t handle it.

A couple of weeks later I took her to dinner and we had a few drinks, I wanted to loosen her up. I lent across the table and said quietly to her

“Look around the restaurant, if you could pick anyone here who would you fuck?”.

To my surprise she scanned the room “Him, I would fuck him”

The guy had dark hair, slightly long on top, well dressed and solid build. This intrigued me as I had short light hair and had always thought Louise had a preference for that. I guess if you are going to fuck a stranger you might as well make sure they are different. I then went on to ask her what she would want him to do to her and Louise really got into it. After a few more drinks we decided it was time to go home. I told her I was going to fuck the living daylights out of her and she was most responsive to that. When we got home I decided the time was right to execute the next part of my plan.

“Babe you really got into that whole fuck someone else, I was really surprised. I was not joking when I said I want you to fuck another guy”

“Are you actually really serious” came her reply.

“Dead serious and I have even started a Tinder profile for you, we just need to add a picture and make sure you are happy with everything”

“Fuck it, let’s do this. We do need to make some rules though” came her reply

The next couple of hours was spent completing her profile and going through some rules. Most of the rules came from me and included the likes of must use a condom, no blow jobs (I didn’t want to kiss my wife after she had another mans dick in her mouth) She had to be honest and open about everything and keep no secrets. Eventually we finished and decided in a couple of weeks time we would give it a try. After that I pounded the crap out of her and we had the best sex we have had in years.

We decided we would go to a bar in town switch on her profile and start swiping. After about ten minutes we found a guy named Jake that seemed to fit the bill, Louise swiped and he replied. They sent a few messages back and forth then Louise said where she was and that he should come to the bar and have a drink. His reply came back, it read see you in an hour. It was now on, this was really going to happen, we were both excited and had a couple of drinks to calm our nerves before Jake arrived.

I can see him as he enters the venue, he walks up to the bar and orders a drink, I don’t think he has seen me yet. He is clean shaven which is surprising, but it makes him look more stylish than I took him to be in his pictures. I take a breath, walk over, and introduce myself. “Jake?” He looks up and smiles in relief.

“I’m Louise,” I say.

“Hi,” he breathes. “You look great.”

I laugh, nervously, probably blushing as well.

“Sorry, I’ve just never done this before. I didn’t know what to expect.” I laugh.

” It’s okay, I see you have a drink, do you want to grab a seat. “

We took a seat and I could see you had a clear line of vision of us both. After an hour or so of the appropriate small talk, some more interesting questions come out.

“So, what are you looking for right now,” he asks.

I go with the story we made up, “Well, I’m re- entering the dating scene after ending a long relationship. I’m just looking to meet people, have some fun.”

“So, casual sex?” he asks, devilishly.

I smile, replying. “If that’s where things go. It’s all pretty new to me. You?”

“Sex. Just sex.” We both laugh.

I sat on a stool at the bar and watched as Jake leaned in to kiss Louise. She appeared to have been startled by his intimate kiss, replying somewhat nervously before getting taken away with the situation. After a few short moments they broke their passionate kiss, probably in an effort not to draw to much attention. I watch over occasionally being careful not to be caught staring as they carry on with their somewhat intimate conversation, wondering what they could possibly be talking about.

Louise relives and explains in great detail what occurred next.

Jake casually reached over and took my hand from under the table and placed it on his crotch. I was both surprised by his forwardness and really nervous at first, I hadn’t touched anyone dick other than yours since we met years ago. He was only semi-hard but it still felt impressive. I started tracing the outline of his penis rubbing the length of his shaft through his pants and could feel it making him more rigid and engorged with my movements.

I interrupted “Sorry but did you say penis?”

“Yes I did, I actually think it is quite an erotic and sensual word when used correctly. I am not going to use words like love stick or schlong, that is what a guy would say, now can I continue?”

“Yes of course” was my reply.

He put his hand on mine and stopped me, leaned over and whispered into my ear

“Do you want to feel it inside you, if so go to the toilets and I will meet you there in one minute”

I paused for just one brief moment and thought to myself wow that is primitive maleness at its core. I have big dick and you should be honored to accept it. Luckily for Jake I had an acute surge of desire which needed to be fulfilled. I didn’t answer him, I just got up straight away and headed for the bathroom.

“John I have to admit at this stage I was getting pretty worked up if you know what I mean”

“Yes I replied, you didn’t even look over at me as you went past”

“I didn’t want to look at you, I was worried that if I saw you I might not have been able to go through with it and I didn’t want that happening, not now”.

I made it into the bathroom and no less than a minute had passed when there was gentle knock at the door. I opened and there he was standing at the door with a noticeable bulge in his pants. He came in and locked the door behind him. He grabbed my face and started to kiss me somewhat aggressively and it was then that I knew this was not going to be gentle love making just fucking, he was going to be using me to get himself off. He then spun me around and bent me over the bathroom counter abruptly, my forearms resting on the cold granite and my reflection staring back at me. He reached for my pants and pulled at the buttons, he wanted access and quickly. He pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees leaving me exposed, not even noticing the black French cut panties I had so carefully chosen for tonight. I must admit this was getting pretty real, I was about to penetrated by another man’s penis, a complete stranger. I was nervous yet very excited. While I was trying to gather my thoughts Jake had already pulled his own pants down and I was sent back to earth with a thud as I felt his cock against my ass. I looked back over my shoulder to get my first glimpse and admired it for a moment before I took hold of his magnificent cock in my hand. It was then I have to admit my pussy got very wet feeling how hard it was getting. I fondled him, still not completely believing that I’m about to fuck this guy, a complete stranger. It really was a good looking cock. I started by wiggling it from side to side just to feel the weight of it in my hand.

“So, what do you think”? He said

I replied, “very nice”.

I then started to pull and jerk his cock as I held him captive. I could feel it growing and hardening in my hand. I circled the head of his cock with my finger. I was looking up at him to see his reaction. He just let out an ummmm sound and I knew he approved. I then started to move my hand gently up and down the shaft, he was now hard as a rock. I stopped for a moment to admire the effect I was having on his manhood. He then held his cock in his hand and moved his enormous head back and forth over the opening of my pussy. It felt so good, I was going out of my mind.

“Oh god that feels sooo good”, I groaned.

Right after I said that, I could feel his cock head starting to exert more pressure on my opening. I knew he wanted to insert himself into me. Even though it felt incredible and I was going out of my mind I still had the presence of mind to ask him to put on a condom as we had both agreed.

“put….mmmm….. on….. a condom”. He said, “I will in a little bit, trust me. Let me just loosen you up a bit before I put it on, ok?”

Before I could answer him he lunged forward, his hard cock slipped inside of me unannounced, making me gasp. His size filled me up, giving me pleasure instantly. “Mmmmmm,” I moaned full of lust as he slid in and out of me, each time deeper than the last. He was completely inside me and he just held his position.

“Describe to me what it felt like to have this guy’s cock inside you” I said to her.

“Do you want me to be honest”

“Definitely” I replied.

First I felt the head go in and it’s like “woah there’s never been something like that in me.” His thickness was unbelievable, and the feeling it gave me as I felt myself being stretched, he occupied every inch of my pussy giving me a feeling of fullness. I nearly came when he was fully inside me. He barely fitted at first, I just had to relax into it. After the third or fourth thrust, as my juices lubricated us and coated him, he slid in nicely.

“Wow how big was this guy then” I asked

“You know I am no good with measurements, how big are you” she replied.

“Just over 6 inches”

“Well he had more girth than you, he was really thick and at least a few more inches in length. It was definitely the biggest cock I have ever had”. She carried on with her story.

“Oh yessss, your cock feels soooo good” mmmmm I think at that moment he knew I was his. He knew he could have his way with me. He started to pound me, there was nothing tender about this my pussy was nothing more than a milking machine for this guy but I didn’t care because I was fucking him as much as he was fucking me. He would go real fast for 6 strokes then slow down. The change of the pace was getting to me.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh fuck me”

He kept changing the pace and I kept moaning. I was getting louder with each round of fast pace fucking. I just didn’t care if anyone could hear, you know how I get when I am getting close and I’m pretty sure it may also have had to do with the four glasses of wine I had drunk since I got to the bar. All of a sudden he doesn’t stop after the sixth stroke, he just keeps the fast pace.

“Ohhhh…… ohhhhh…. ohhhhh God, I am gonna cum, fuck me, don’t stop, fuck me”.

Jake then roughly pulled down the front of my top and my tits spilled out exposing my bare breasts.

“Oh fuck awesome tits” Jake blurted out.

My pert nipples beckoned, he grabbed at them squeezing them almost to the point of pain but this only added to my pleasure.

“Ohhhh yessss agghhhhh. Ohhh fuck me yesss, oh my god that feels so good”.

He now plunges his fat cock deeper into me, our bodies slapped together with each thrust. I stare at my reflection in the mirror, my tits bouncing about with each impact. The thought that his unsheathed penis was in me was almost to much to bare, I was cumming, I was cumming on another man’s cock I thought to myself. As I was cumming, I was really loudly “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ing” during the intense orgasm. My body was twitching as he kept pounding into me. It was then that it just occurred to me I just came on another man’s cock, I fucked a total stranger and he isn’t even wearing a condom. In all the excitement I must have forgotten.

“Don’t cum inside me, I’m not on the pill”

“Don’t worry he said, I won’t”

It was only a few more pumps then he pulled out from inside me, he grabbed my shoulders then spun me round and pushed me to the floor.

“Sorry honey but I broke one of the rules, the no blow jobs”

“Seriously” I said somewhat pissed off.

We had that rule because I didn’t want to be kissing my wife’s mouth when someone else’s dick has just been in there. He just pushed it right in front of my face, his big cock covered in my juices, next thing I know he pushes a couple of inches of his dick inside my mouth and grips my head firmly with both hands. Holding me still he started to fuck my face, increasing the tempo with each thrust. I started to struggle as he tried pushing deeper, his thickness was just too much making me gag as he slipped into my throat. He just held me there, gagging on his cock. I think it was my gagging noises that brought him to the edge.

“Fuck yeah, make me cum, make me cum”.

I could feel his cock throbbing and twitching in my mouth I then felt the warm explosion of his salty ejaculate in my mouth. I was unprepared for the sudden onslaught and I didn’t have time to react, he sent a huge gush of milky white sperm down my throat before I withdrew his dick from my mouth. It didn’t stop, I was under assault. He re positioned himself and started splashing across my face then my tits and I couldn’t help but laugh,

“Holy shit that’s a lot” I squealed, it was unbelievable the amount of jizz this guy was producing, I was covered.

“Is that it, are you done”

“Yes” came his reply, the last drops from his cock falling to the floor.

I stood up, his cum dripping off my face and breasts. I looked in the mirror.

“My god you have absolutely covered me, it’s everywhere. I have never been covered in so much jizz in my life”

I grabbed some tissues and started wiping his sperm from me as he continued to put his pants on.

“Need a hand” he said.

“I’m fine won’t be long, I can just meet you outside” and with that he left.

I must admit a bit of panic set in, would he even be there when I got out, had I made a big mistake, there’s no going back this? Luckily when I emerged a few minutes later he was sitting at a table with a drink for me. We talked some more, he said maybe we could catch up another time and do this again and left.

“That was it John, that was what happened, no details left out”

Louise calmly told me as we sat on our bed after leaving the bar and catching a taxi home.

“Are you angry?”

“Fuck no, I loved hearing you describe everything, feel how hard my cock is”

She reached into my pants

“Wow that is really hard, obviously you like what you heard”

With that I quickly reached forward and shoved a hand down her pants, she was soaking wet.

“Unlike Jake I am going to fuck you then cum deep in your pussy, any objections?”

“God no, stick it in me now” was her reply.

What followed was just a great session with my wife and I am sure we would dine out on this experience in time to come.